👓 Read about us in Main Street: “The Chesapeake Conference Center: An integral part of Chesapeake’s growing economy” by John Downs, Sr.

We had such a nice time sitting down last week with senior writer John Downs of Main Street.  During the interview we learned that John has attended several events here that are very near and dear to his heart.  The first being his daughter Erin's wedding and the other the 1st Inaugural Miss Abilities Chesapeake Pageant where his daughter Amy competed in April of 2015. We hear she has already begu...
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🍴 The New Holiday Dinner Table w/ Ashley Smith of WVEC

Chesapeake Conference Center's Executive Chef Antwan Bryant giving some great ideas on how to update the traditional holiday meal. [caption id="attachment_2650" align="alignleft" width="184"] Ashley Smith of WVEC and Executive Chef Antwan Bryant of the Chesapeake Conference Center[/caption] [gallery ids="2654,2653,2652"] This year wouldn’t it be great to change up the menu by combining conve...
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