Branding Guidelines

Branding. It is Everywhere!

It is hard to miss Chesapeake Conference Center’s signature logo with the iconic building roof line colored in a striking blue. Paired with our parent company logo, VenuWorks, our brand is easily associated anywhere.

Chesapeake Conference Center logo

Chesapeake Conference Center strives to develop positive and lasting relationships that make a difference in the community. When providing outstanding customer service and phenomenal products, we deliver the highest standards in all aspects of our brand.

By focusing on being the community’s major venue for cultural, recreational and educational events, the Chesapeake Conference Center is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, reducing costs and providing an engine of economic development for our community that enhances the quality of life for all Chesapeake residents.

The core brand philosophy is centered on events. Events are the lifeblood of every entertainment and convention facility. We believe it is important to create a diverse programming calendar that is a good balance of artistic, educational, commercial and community.

VenuWorks Orange: R: 219 G: 126 B: 47 | C: 11 M: 59 Y: 94 K: 1 | Pantone: 7413C

VenuWorks Blue: R: 108 G: 162 B: 212 | C: 57 M: 26 Y: 1 K: 0 | Pantone: 284C

VenuWorks Green: R: 172 G: 181 B: 69 | C: 37 M: 17 Y: 91 K: 1 | Pantone: 7745C

By integrating Chesapeake Conference Center color palette with our parent company VenuWorks, our brand visually pops!

Please do not alter the logo in any way other than sizing down with
constrained proportions. If you should need the logo in another format,  please send a request to

700 Conference Center Drive, Chesapeake VA 23320