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Meet Our Team

Dear Community,
Whilst we are tackling internal events or making sure each client gets the best care, we strive to deliver exceptional experiences one event at a time.

We are Chesapeake Conference Center’s powerhouse
Working for a purpose – and locals with a passion to help the community thrive. Together, we have the opportunity to make a bigger impact on our community than any of us could produce on our own.

We believe in partnership
with emphasis on attention to detail – while guaranteeing to do our part to support the community. We are honored to stand with each client and roll up our sleeves to support even the most strait forward events. This act of competence and talent is practical. Done right, it represents our mission statement, commitment, focus, skill, and care.

As a team,
we hosted 336 events, catered 35,899 meals, booked 909 rooms in the community, totaling 76,614 individuals in and out of our building in 2018 alone!

With each experience, it is notably gratifying
to see each individual walk away delighted. Hosting an array of events has almost turned into a culture our community counts on. Remember, It All Happens Here; Lives Changed. Memories Made. Ideas born. Amazing Concerts and Shows. Sporting Events. Weddings and Conferences. Anything Can Happen Here – at Chesapeake Conference Center.



We would like to thank you for another incredible year.
We are grateful to have the community by our side, and we hope you’re as enthusiastic as we are about what the future holds!