Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the cost to book space at the Center?
As a full-service banquet facility, we do not allow outside food or beverage to be served and usually base room rentals on food and beverage minimums. For events that do not have a food and beverage component, room rental will depend on the following factors: day of the week, time of day, and how much space you will require.  One of our Sales Managers will be able to assist you in choosing the best space that will accommodate your guests for your specific event.

In what part of Chesapeake are you located?
We are located in Greenbrier adjacent to the Chesapeake Delta by Marriott on Conference Center Drive. Our mailing address is 700 Conference Center Drive, and we are located behind the Chesapeake Delta by Marriott off Woodlake Drive / Greenbrier Circle. View a map.

Can I bring in my own food or outside caterers?
We do not allow outside catering to be brought into the building.
The Chesapeake Conference Center is well known for our award-winning Chef & culinary team and provides all the food and beverage consumed on the property. Our event coordinators are committed to working with each client to deliver a menu to suit your needs.

Can I bring/provide my own liquor?
Due to ABC regulations, the Chesapeake Conference Center must supply all alcoholic beverages consumed on our property. Our event coordinators will work with you to ensure the menu you desire is made available to your guests, including your beverages of choice.

What about wedding cakes?
You are welcome to bring in your own wedding cake since we do not have a pastry chef on staff. Upon request, we would be happy to recommend a number of talented wedding cake vendors.

Do you need an appointment to tour the facility?
We recommend calling and making an appointment so one of our event coordinators can accompany you to answer questions you have about our facility.

What is the maximum per-person capacity?
For large events that require theater seating, we can accommodate as many as 2,500 people in the 20,000-square-foot space. For events such as trade shows and exhibitions, we can increase this number when including our surrounding 14,000 square foot promenade spaces for “flow” traffic. We also have a second meeting room, the Chesapeake Room, offering 2,700 square feet of additional space for VIP lounges, breakout sessions, etc.

Does the CCC have Wi-Fi? And if so, do I need a password?
Yes, we offer FREE Wi-Fi throughout the center that requires No password. In your device settings, look for the public Wi-Fi named ConfCenterWiFi, select it, and click the green button on the next page to Continue to the Internet.

How far is the CCC from the airport?
The Norfolk International Airport is 11.4 miles from the Conference Center, approximately 15 minutes of travel time, depending on traffic.

Can you give me directions to the CCC?
Just visit our website’s Find Us page with information about overflow parking, landmarks, and a link to Google Maps for driving directions.

What size/shape are the tables and how many people can be seated at each table?
For banquets, we seat at rounds, either 5′ or 6′. Our standard is seating 10 per table; however, upon request, we can seat 8. For other events such as training sessions or for banquets that require VIP seating and head tables, we have rectangular options.

Is the CCC wheelchair accessible?
Yes. We have several designated handicapped parking spots with ramp access to the walkways. Our parking is conveniently adjacent to the building for quick access to our terrace, administrative offices, rotunda, and side entrances*. We also have ladies and men’s lounges located throughout the building with accessible restroom stalls.

*All of our function space is on the first floor and fully accessible.

Can I bring in my party favors, set-up equipment, computer/s, etc. the night before my event or another time prior to/earlier than the contracted time?
It is best to coordinate needed setup time and storage space with your Chesapeake Conference Center representative when you book your event in order to ensure other events will not impede your setup efforts and to ensure the building will be accessible with someone here to assist you during your desired setup time.

And if so, will the Center be responsible for these items?
The Chesapeake Conference Center cannot be held responsible for items left unattended prior to, during, or after an event. Your facility representative would be happy to schedule designated security, should it be necessary for your event.

Can out-of-town guests tour the facility on weekends or make appointments to talk with Sales/Event Managers on weekends or after normal business hours?
Yes, you can schedule an appointment directly with one of our sales managers to set up an opportune time to tour the facility.

Is the CCC associated with a hotel (particularly the Delta by Marriott)?
We are happy to work with all the hotels in Chesapeake, including the Delta by Marriott next door, in order to provide the best experience for our guests.


Have another question?
Please give us a call at 757-382-2500. We look forward to hearing from you!