Lunch with Chef was amazing. The food was delicious! I loved the hospitality of the staff; it was first class! Loved the interaction with the Chef! Kudos!

June 2024

JoAnn - CCC Website

I attend your June 7th Lunch with the Chef and I must be totally honest, it was the absolute best experience, the food was awesome and the music was an excellent. Great Job.

June 2024

Ronald - Email

That was an awesome Luncheon. The Food was so good, as well as the professional services. Awesome touch with the live exertainment. They were amazing. I will be there next Friday as well with friends.

June 2024

Ronald A Campbell Sr. - Facebook


June 2024

Kenneth K. Kimmons - Facebook

I give The Friday’s Luncheon Buffet 5 Stars. Their new Chef Stephen is an excellent Chef. He is awesome and the Service was 2nd to none. I will attend their weekly Luncheon on a regular basis and will be completely satisfied.
June 2024 – Lunch With Chef

Ronald Campbell Sr - Google Review

Very relaxing and enjoyable entertainment and dining experience! Look forward to another opportunity in the future.

June 2024

Torilus Ward

This was a lovely experience, very elegant! We’re back to real plates and silverware! We enjoyed the Chef’s Lunch in the past, so glad it’s back. Great music! Will coffee return?

June 2024

Betty Zimmer

Awesome experience working with Ms. Neisha Jones. She is the ultimate professional.

June 2024

Ron Cooke & Mario DaughtryMen's Fashion Week - Virginia Fashion Show

June 2024

Errin Spruill - Google Review

I was there for the 2023 senior prom and I had a great time ❤️

June 2024

Elicia Parker - Google Review

Test-taking facility for Virginia Virtual.

May 2024

Bista - Google Review

April 2024

Priscilla Holmes – Google Review

Absolutely a very nice and clean Center.

April 2024

Clemen Estaya (CeCe)

Perfect Venue!

April 2024

P. Nichols

I am writing today as the president and representative of Hearts 4 Progress Inc. We had the great honor of having our annual fundraiser at the Chesapeake Conference Center on April 6th,2024. It was a fabulous event made exceptionally special by the confernce center. The level of professionalism, the teamwork of the staff, the accommodation of last-minute requests, the beauty of the venue and the delicious food were highlights of the evening.

Ms. Cannatella, you and your staff are nothing less than amazing! Not only did you show up, but you stayed to ensure that the event was a memorable one. We could not have asked for a better experience and wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. As a Chesapeake Resident, it warms my heart and makes me proud to know that you are an intricate part of the climate of this city

April 2024

Patricia Y. King, MDPresident, Hearts 4 Progress, Inc

Food was delicious! We were really pleased!!

April 2024

The Prettyguppy - Google Review

Went for a Bridal expo. Plenty of parking and set up very well. Stayed to the end, wasn’t an issue getting out of the parking lot. Have been there on many occasions and enjoy going there.

March 2024

Kellyann D'amalio-Dawson - Google Review

March 2024

Stacy Pauley - Google Review

Everybody was kind and loving and they really help me, Emonie, and Kanisha.

March 2024

Shaneka Norfleet - Google Review

Very nice venue. Attending a 3-day dance event there. It is top-notch and highly recommended if you need a place to have an event.

March 2024

Gary Hunter - Google Review

Nice clean expansive interior, a great place to have a job fair or meeting.

March 2024

Donald Castaneda - Google Review

March 2024

Kimbro Edwards - Google Review

Clean and bright.

January 2024

Vickie Randolph - Google Review

I had my Aunt and Dad’s 70th birthday here. The food, full-service bar, and atmosphere were great! Money well spent. The staff was wonderful! The coordinators were on point!

January 2024

Madam "Celo" Boston

Went this evening for a birthday party and the facility was great. The food was excellent and the service was great. I mean the crab ball appetizer was real crab meat y’all. Like I was super shocked. Yummers. All the food was good but shoutout to the crab balls, prime rib, and roasted potatoes. Kiss the chef 😘

December 2023

Jennifer Blackwell - Google Review

December 2023

Stephanie Pettit - Google Review

I went to their annual Christmas show. I purchased from more vendors there than I did at Bodacious Bazarre. Also, this craft show provided a nice tote bag so you could carry all your goodies easily. Additionally, this craft show has no entrance fee. The Chesapeake craft show is smaller than the Virginia Beach Rec Center Santa stocking, and certainly much much smaller than Bodacious Bazarre, but it had the perfect mix of everything that you want to see at a Christmas craft show. Well done, Chesapeake

November 2023

Sue Wolf - Google Review

Nice clean place, spacious, kind staff!

November 2023

Peter Hinkle - Google Review

Great center. Attended the 48th annual Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Breakfast here.

November 2023

Rick A. - Google Review

The Food was Great. Love it!

November 2023

Rita Whitaker - Google Review

November 2023

Rhendi Ross - Google Review

Beautiful venue!

November 2023

Amy Rey - Google Review

September 2023

Kenneth Jenkins - Google Review

“I just wanted to congratulate you and all of your staff on your recent Prime Site Award.  This award is well deserved and is a great testament to the fantastic work that all of you at Chesapeake Conference Center do for your facility and community. Again, I am so happy for all of you and wanted to send along my congratulations!”

August 2023

Lori ByrdContract LiaisonREDZONE Group Purchasing

“Donna, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your efforts to promote our event. Also, I was very impressed by how you connected me with other VenuWorks potential sites. We do not find your kind of exceptional help everywhere we go- thank you!”
Kindest regards, Angela
August 2023

Angela BeightsBrickUniverse Lego Fan Expo

June 2023

K S - Google Review

May 2023

E Legrair - Google Review

This facility and all of the employees have been wonderful to work with! Everyone has been very helpful and accommodating which has helped ensure our event’s success.

May 2023

Maggie - Email Review

It was elegant and spacious! The Virginia Aires had their Anniversary tonight. It was so blessed.

May 2023

Marvel Harper - Google Review

May 2023

Joyce Johnson - Google Review

Thank you, Donna.

The setup and the staff were spot on yesterday and the meatloaf was out of this world.  Great Event and service!!!  Our friends from the Peninsula Sports club were jealous…

Thank you to you and  all the staff.

May 2023

Phil Johnson - Chesapeake Sports Club

April 2023

Jessica Butts - Google Review

April 2023

Vanessa Terry - Google Review

April 2023

Lena Hobbs - Google Review

Chesapeake’s appreciation for its seniors is great.

April 2023

Connie W - Google Review

“After Chamber President Bryan Stephens reminded us it was WINDSday and before Mayor Rick West spoke, the nearly full house at the Chesapeake Conference Center enjoyed a sumptuous lunch. According to a printed menu, it featured “layers of Roma tomatoes with sliced buffalo mozzarella,” “crafted bread with chef’s wildflower honey butter,” “white wine and butter poached local shrimp with caramelized lemon wheels,” “slow roasted beef tenderloin drizzled with Virginia Rye Hunters sauce,” and ‘’chocolate tre vele with amaretto mouse and Chantilly cream.” All the venues that host States of the City “put on the dog” for these annual events… We’ll be watching to see if, like Chesapeake, they serve cusabi salad dressing and fresh haricots vert. Kudos to the cooks at the Conference Center for setting a high bar.”

April 2023


Joel RubinRubin Communications Group

A great place to hold your event. They have a wide open space that can conform to the guest size of your event. Plenty of options for electricity if you plan to have a band. They also have a good kitchen selection and options if you need that as well. The staff is polite and professional. They are following current Covid guidelines. Recommended.

April 2023

Phillip Andrada - Google Review

If the Chesapeake Conference Center catering is a direct reflection of the State of the City, I’d say Chesapeake is doing very well 😀

They get my vote for “best luncheon food ever”

March 2003

Nicole CampbellLinkedIn Review

Hi, Donna- just a quick note to tell you that I believe that was the best banquet lunch I’ve ever had. The shrimp were tender and beautiful, the steak was like butter (and I don’t even usually like steak) and I felt healthier the moment I bit into the carrot, which was NOT overcooked!  And the Caprese salad was perfect (as was the dessert).
I’m no connoisseur, but I’ve eaten a lot of banquet meals in my long and rather safe life….this one is going to be memorable.
Many kudos to the Chef for feeding so many people so elegantly,
warm regards.

March 2023


Jean Carideo

I recently attended a Rotary conference with about 400 attendees at top-tier hotel in Chantilly, VA. While the staff there was friendly and diligent, the food was significantly sub-par. Every meal, I said to myself and other members of Chesapeake Rotary, “This food sure makes me appreciate the food at the Chesapeake Conference Center even more.” Beyond the food, which I have noticed marked improvement in over the past few years, the staff is always friendly, willing to go out of their way to accommodate our club’s needs, and striving to continually improve. I would say they are a great example of  what I call “Chesapeake Friendly.”
March 2023

Chuck WilsonChesapeake Rotary Club

Hi Donna,
I would like to complement you and your staff for the great job you did with our event.
As the club’s coordinator for our VIP reception I had the chance to deal first hand with many of your staff and I can say that each one I dealt with were very professional and willing to do what ever was needed to make the event a success.
The food was simply delicious and the wait staff were outstanding. The evening was a great success in large part because of you and your staff. Please pass on to all of them a hearty thank you.
We look forwarded to many future events at your facility.
Thank you again.
March 2023

Ron AskewTreasurerChesapeake Sports Club

We want to thank you and the staff for making yesterdays luncheon a huge success. I found out after the luncheon someone from  Indian River high who worked with the Legend of Honor invited 30+ friends last Friday night to attend the luncheon yesterday. None of them registered with us.

Thank you  for your quick setup and for having ample meals for all.

Great Job!!!!

March 2023

Phil JohnsonChesapeake Sports Club

Good morning Donna,
I just want to take a moment to tell you how wonderful our Jamboree last Thursday evening was!  The food, service and wait staff were exemplary. The tablescapes were perfect!  Thank you for all you do to lead your team including Sylvia, Alfred, Chef, and all the others.
Thanks again for your continued support!!

March 2023


Sherry Simmons - Email Review

Clean big space. Staff was nice and most importantly the bathrooms were very very clean. Flea market was packed and super fun meeting new people! Can’t wait for the next one.

March 2023

M. Cherry - Google Review

March 2023

Mark Williams - Google Review

Job Fair. Space was clean and no issues.

March 2023

George Marshall - Google Review

Very nice place. Clean and roomy.

March 2023

Eunice Ahonor-Edwards - Google Review

March 2023

Michael Conner - Google Review

March 2023

Tany Adavis757 Davis - Google Review

Went to a fishing flea market. The place was clean and parking was available nearby.

March 2023

Annette Skylar - Google Review

What’s in Your House sponsored several models for the Fashion Show which was amazing!!! The staff was great and accommodating to any request ! I would highly recommend this venue !!!! I’m also available for clients needing attire for future events, weddings, fashions shows , etc.

March 2023

What's In Your House - Google Review

March 2023

Sharon - Google Review

Hi Donna,

First…let me thank you for the great evening last night during the Women’s Division dinner. We have received rave reviews on the dinner and the service. Some have said it was the best meal they have ever had at the CC.

February 2023

Councilwoman Debbie Ritter

February 2023

Anne Marie Case - Google Review

February 2023

Dadvida Harris - Google Review

Wonderful event space. The staff are amazing!!!

February 2023

Yell Yell T - Google Review

Was there for the Exotic-Con. The line to get in was well organized with two lines, one for cash and one for credit card. The layout inside was well planned so you could move around and check out all the vendors. Besides reptiles and small mammals there was food for exotic pets as well as jewelry, tee shirts, and sweatshirts for the humans. Even though we didn’t purchase anything it was a fun experience.

January 2023

Chris Brower - Google Review

Clean venue, nice staff, lots of space, fantastic location and good parking. 10/10.

January 2023

Aen Williams - Facebook Review

Nice bathrooms.. easy drive and parking.

January 2023

Petra Lynch - Google Review

Good parking, easy to find.

January 2023

Mary Green - Google Review

Had a great time here for our command Holiday party. They decorated and set everything up for us at a fantastic price. The food was good and the service at the cash/credit bar was fantastic. Only downside was I couldn’t add the bartenders tip on the card when my cash on hand ran out and they don’t have an ATM.

December 2022

Jesse McCabe - Google Review

Service was wonderful, also the setup is Spectacular

December 2022

Judy Share - Google Review

Nice place to have events with plenty of space.

December 2022

Tim Miller - Google Review

The Chesapeake Holiday Craft Show was a wonderful event! Lots of great vendors, a very sweet and friendly staff, and a cheerful atmosphere! A great way to spend the afternoon with your family and friends doing some holiday shopping! We can’t wait to go back again next year!
December 2022

Jennifer Cadarette - Google Review

Had an awesome time at the Chesapeake Conference center At The Secure The Bag 3🎒 With so many people and business mogos there From outer town and in town. And it was a lot of network going on And if you were not there you missed a lot.

November 2022


Popandlock Griffin - Google Review

Beautiful venue for weddings, proms or charity galas.

November 2022


Cynthis Todd - Google Review

I really enjoyed myself at the Chesapeake Conference Center… very (elegant) and very clean …oh my goodness especially the lady’s restroom) I had to add that…. also the staff was amazing!!! nmj

October 2022

Linda Pearson – Google Review

Attended a private event. It was a good evening also enjoyed a very good catered meal.

October 2022

Marilyn Pieper - Google Review

From what I saw of the conference center, it was beautiful! My child in middle school had to take a beginning of the year assessment test for school. I was able to walk around a bit and see how well the center is cared for. Also the cushioned benches are comfortable. I had an issue with my back while waiting and had to lie down on one of the benches. There were several kind people who passed by and all asked if I was alright or needed anything. So it’s a beautiful center with beautiful people and I can’t wait to see it again.

October 2022

Kathy Blanchard - Google Review

Donna, our Kiwanis birthday event was perfect. The venue, staff, and food could not have been better.

September 2022


This place is a credit to our city, clean bathrooms and plenty of parking.


September 2022

S. Gooden

This place is awesome. It is very clean and a great place to have conferences, weddings and any type of gathering you need. Nice and clean.


September 2022

S. Whitfield

From what I saw of the conference center, it was beautiful! My child in middle school had to take a beginning of the year assessment test for school. I was able to walk around a bit and see how well the center is cared for. Also the cushioned benches are comfortable. I had an issue with my back while waiting and had to lie down on one of the benches. There were several kind people who passed by and all asked if I was alright or needed anything. So it’s a beautiful center with beautiful people and I can’t wait to see it again.


September 2022

Kathy Blanchard

“It’s very nice and spacious, clean conveniently located It’s an awesome place for any kind of function.”

August 2022

Darilyn Grove, Google Review

I highly recommend Chesapeake Conference Center. Their culinary team is excellent with the “Catering Menus”. Check them out!

July 2022


Dolly Blais

“The Chesapeake conference center is very beautiful and well laid out. They have several rooms to hold speaking events in any huge room that can be sectioned off depending on whoever needs it. The staff here was super friendly and they provided us with coffee and snacks and catering.”

July 2022

Rustian Dunn, Google Review

Hey Donna!

Thank you for helping us host one of the best events the Chamber has had to date! We had a blast and everyone loved how flawless everything was. You and your team contributed to that success in more ways than I could ever go into.

Your entire staff is always open to helping us in any capacity even if it means simply breaking down our monster steps and repeats. It is working with people like you all that make my job so enjoyable and fun so THANK YOU!!”

 May 2022

LIANNA(LEE-ANNA) ARBITTERHampton Roads Chamber Coordinator, Events & Lead 757Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Donna, Thank YOU and your team! As always, everyone was a pleasure to work with. We appreciate all you do to support the Chamber.

May 2022

Anne Baumler, Hampton Roads Chamber Director of Events Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Nice on the inside. Spacious. Reasonable price. Respectable. Especially love the facilities and restroom. Just perfect for our event or any other event.

April 2022

belindabrooks1063Google Review

We had the memorial for Christ’s death. It was amazing.

April 2022

Pamela JonoxGoogle Review

I thank you for your expert guidance which contributed to the overall superb execution of our retirement celebration. We thank God for you. Warm regards, Mel and Vicki Walton

April 2022

Melvin & Vicki WaltonMr. & Mrs. Walton's Retirement Celebration

This is a beautiful place to hold any event you may have. The space is beautiful is spacious the staff was very well seasoned and polite. The bathrooms were so clean the food was so good.

April  2022

Kay MitchelleGoogle Review

Large venue that can hold multiple events at the same time. Lots of parking available. The wait staff was pleasant and engaging. The food was very good.

April 2022

Caroline DixonGoogle Review

Enjoyed the Exoticon Expo there as a vendor. Clean, spacious, and fun, helpful staff. Would highly recommend this center. Easy to find also.

April 2022

Gay RickersonGoogle Review

What a wonderful event, we received so many compliments on the event banquet staff, look of the venue and overall – it was a hit. As a Foundation staff, we were blown away by the customer service of each of the banquet staffers – please extend our thanks to them for a job well done. To each of you and Pinkie, wow! We cannot thank you enough for the attention to detail, last minute “help me” moments and feeling of teamwork to pull off a treasured Chesapeake staple event. Tiffani – I appreciate your willingness to walk me through how to get my laptop talking to the projection screens (it goes without saying I was on the verge of losing it). All worked so well – thank you.

April 2022

Erin GearyDevelopment CoordinatorChesapeake Regional Healthcare Foundation Island Bash Gala

“Had a great time last night and the food was delicious!  I thought the staff did an amazing job” 😊

March 2022

Jo SlackCGMP, CTIS Sales ManagerChesapeake Convention & Visitors Bureau

A great place to hold your event. They have a wide-open space that can be confirmed the guest size of your event. Plenty of options for electricity if you plan to have a band. They also have a good kitchen selection and options if you need that as well. The staff is polite and professional. They are following Covid guidelines. Recommended.

Feb 2022

Phillip AndradaGoogle Review

“Donna and her team are excellent. We plan to return several times this year and have added other VenuWorks facilities for 2022. Pinky was very helpful and had a great attitude. She helped make our entire staff feel extremely welcome. The Executive Director, Donna Cannatella is one of the best in the business. We hold 2 to 3 events every weekend nationwide, so we have been to hundreds of facilities. Donna is a great addition to Chesapeake and has created a great culture with the team at the facility.”

January 2022

Casey MurraySignature Productions Hot Tub & Spa Show

“The sales process was smooth, the Event staff were superb and went above and beyond. The overall presentation of the food was good. We are happy with the overall experience and would love to do it again next year.”

January 2022

Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo

“Everyone was great and we had a great experience and have booked for next year!”

December 2021

Keller Williams Coastal Virginia

“Miss Sylvia was the perfect person from start to finish! There wasn’t an email nor a phone call that wasn’t answered in a very timely manner. All I received were positive feedback on the entire event. Thank you for taking such good care of us! P.S. The  food was top-notch!”

December 2021

Reserve Component Command Holiday Party

“CWA had their Christmas party for 2021 and I cannot say enough about the staff at the Chesapeake Conference Center. What a great job everyone did! The party was absolutely fantastic and we will be there in 2022.”

December 2021

CWA Retired Members Club

Definitely a great place for a large event!
In an easy good location in greenbrier. Lots of parking.
Bathrooms on both sides. Good size and clean.
I noticed other rooms that were being used for a party. It was nice we didn’t even run into that group. And parking was still not an issue.
We were in the large main room. It had lots of room for space and chairs. They had a stage upfront with rows and rows of chairs with still room to move and walk around. With some good lighting as well.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the food they provided.
Overall it was a perfect place for a ceremony that we attend with at least 200 people.

December 2021

Shelby K.

“Chesapeake Conference Center continues to be of great value to the Chesapeake Sports Club and we appreciate your service!”

November 2021

Chesapeake Sports Club

“The Chesapeake Conference Center is a great place to have many functions and the food is good. Thank you. I would recommend this place to a friend!”

September 2021

Old School Legends

“Everything the venue is beautiful and the food is amazing”

September 22, 2021

Dominique LunnHair In Motion

Such an amazing staff and venue! Everything was absolutely amazing.  Thank you Chesapeake Conference Center for serving Changing Faces-Empowering Makeover Moment with such a spirit of excellence! We will definitely be there again next year.

September 13, 2021

Dayo Greenway

“Outstanding service!!!”

July 2021

City of Chesapeake Health Department

Everything went beautifully: the ambience was aesthetically appealing and welcoming, the cuisine was scrumptiously palate-pleasing and all attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

June 26, 2021

Arlene Malone

“Service and staff are excellent. Very easy and smooth experience from beginning to end!”

April  2021


Russell Weitzner, Southeastern Guns & Knives LTD

Thank you for everything, Donna! As always you and your team were fabulous to work with!

Hampton Roads Chamber Chesapeake State of the City

March 25, 2021

Anne Baumler

We ate there with our chamber peeps this week and it was delicious!

March 10, 2021


South Bay Communications & Security

This was a great place for the reptile show. Free parking, easy to get in and out and lots of room once inside. Loved it…

-February 21, 2021

Christina Tordoff

Was there for an exotic pet show. Was easy to find. Free parking. Nice place!
-February 21, 2021


Unfortunately, last week I had to cancel my event that was scheduled at your venue for April 3rd of this year.  Covid 19, and Virginia’s restrictions were not working in favor of my celebration.

 I did however, want to take a moment to express my gratitude to your Staff Event Coordinator, Serteria Carter.  From the beginning, Serteria was so helpful with scheduling my walk thru on a day when she had other events booked since it was the only time that worked with my planner’s schedule. With me calling virtually and my planner there in person, Serteria did a thorough tour of the facility, answered countless questions and really took her time with us.  She immediately “wowed” me when she referred to my event by its name (50 is the New Black), since I had only spoken to her very briefly prior to the walk thru and didn’t even realize I had mentioned the name as I rambled on through my vision on our initial call.  Moving forward, she was quick to send information and quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns.  I also attended my tasting virtually with my planners there in person. Again, Serteria was friendly, yet professional.  She offered valuable tips and suggestions which allowed me to make great decisions regarding my menu.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank her again and to make you aware of how her personable demeanor, attention to detail and professionalism are not only an asset to your business, but also are the reason I will choose to rebook my event with you once the restrictions have been lifted.

-FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Teresa Gibson

The staff at at the Conference Center will go out of their way to make you event successful. We had a minor issue that could have been a giant issue. Donna, Sylvia and the team were right on it. The facility also looks great and is easy to get to.

February 3, 2021

Casey Murray

Thank you so much again for being such a fantastic host. We had such an incredible experience with you and your conference center. Not a single hiccup! Please pass our gratitude on to everyone involved, especially your server, William. He was so kind, attentive, professional, and cheerful – a joy to work with! As are you!

 Thanks again for everything. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

December 14, 2020

Kate - Forefront Dermatology


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Our special day was beautiful and successful largely because of you. In several ways, you went above and beyond what was required and made things work the way we wanted.  Even when we were not sure what we wanted, you came through for us! It was a pleasure dealing with, and we both feel like we’ve made a new friend. May all your days be filled with happiness and blessings. And may all your endeavors be fruitful.

November 24, 2020

Dale and Deannna

“The Club held its first in-person luncheon since March, last Monday October 12. Donna Cannatella and her team at the Chesapeake Conference Center did a wonderful job in providing a safe, comfortable, socially-distant setting for the luncheon.”

October 19, 2020

Will Driscoll - Chesapeake Sports Club Board Secretary

Chesapeake Conference Center I highly recommend to have your wedding there. They made sure everything was perfect that I was happy even during this covid-19. Everyone there is so very nice especially Theresa Peterson.

October 17, 2020


The staff was EXCELLENT! The food was impressive. The value was tremendous. There was plenty of food and variety.

October 4, 2019

Maynard Scales

We had a fantastic event. Your staff was very attentive to our needs and accommodating. We look forward to working with your facility again in the future! ~ Ann Stevens, co-owner, Studio Bamboo

June 13, 2019

Studio Bamboo Yoga

[The] Conference Center staff has been most accommodating and courteous all 4 events.

June 13, 2019


Great Bridge Fisherman's Association